Our Story

Who We Are

If you want to make a difference, buy things differently

Kastlfel is a relief. A breath of fresh air in an industry that devalues the communities and natural resources that are its very lifeblood.

We unite thinkers, innovators, consumers, insiders, trailblazers, designers, and the all-around fashion-forward to help us make eco-friendly, creative, fashionable, and responsible garments.


We drive our retail, distribution, sales partners, and even our competitors to help us lead the charge to make better clothing by making clothing better.

Our Name

It's Time to fell a few "kastls"

“Kastlfel” embodies the idea of a structure in motion, signifying the process of change and renewal.

Look at our logo. Depending on how you see it, it’s either in the process of falling or being built.

Both interpretations tell half the story, but they’re both telling the right story.

It’s time consumers join us in crossing a few moats to build newer, better structures.



At Kastlfel, the fabric is the fashion. We aim to produce the best fabrics

and garments with the least waste and environmental harm.

what drives us

Our approach to product is fabric, fit,
comfort, durability, and end of life.  


of a garments impact

is before the product

is produced

wee see a future

Know your
product's story

We’ve seen the future.

Where sustainable practices are the norm and conventional, harmful production are few and far between. Where no consumer unwittingly supports irresponsible practices with their purchases. Where you feel good about the brands you’re supporting – and you look damn good doing it.

Kastlfel clothing aims to make the sustainable movement more sustainable than ever.

In short, we’re making the future of fashion a reality.

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we want to save by 2025.