Happy National Water Day! To celebrate this extremely important day, we are allocating a percentage of the profits of each t-shirt and/or hoodie sold to a local non-profit whose sole purpose is to help millions of people around the world have access to clean water and sanitation. In addition, we are also offering free shipping on all orders placed online through our site! Help us bring awareness, aid, and education about the importance of clean water and sanitation by purchasing a new Kastlfel piece, today through Saturday, March 25th!


Kastlfel is dedicated to conserving our planet’s resources and reducing our impact on our environment, and our supply chain reflects this. Through our virtual vertical manufacturing process, we track the individual impact of each tee and hoodie produced, so that we can tell you, our consumer, just how impactful your decision to buy conscious and sustainable products is. Within these statistics lies the amount of clean drinking water we save in a single tee.

Can you guess what it is?

… Just ONE Kastlfel short sleeve t-shirt saves 1.94 gallons of water compared to a conventional poly-cotton dyed t-shirt.

Make the decision to educate yourself on how your products are made, the impact they have on the planet and its people, and how you can make a difference. Conscious consumption, whether if it’s in the products you buy or the amount in which you consume, has the ability to impact hundreds, if not millions, of peoples lives.


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