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Supports & Promotes

  • Natural resource conservation
  • Responsible recycling
  • Landfill waste reduction
  • Water health & conservation


  • 5.3 oz RecycledSoft™
  • 40% recycled polyester, 60% cotton

Footprint Report for just 1 (one) Kastlfel Tee

  • Saves at least 6 (20oz) plastic bottles from the landfill
  • Saves 1.05 kilowatt hours of electricity, enough to run a 10 watt LED light for about 4 full 24 hour days
  • Saves about 1.94 gallons of water compared to a conventional poly-cotton dyed t-shirt
  • Using only certified, recycled PET and low-impact dyes. We strive to eliminate restricted heavy metals, phthalates, BPA, and more