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About Our Logo

The Kastlfel logo and wordmark is a metaphorical structure in motion: depending how you choose to see it, it's either in the process of falling down or being built. It signifies the process of change and renewal. Because of the two possible interpretations, we've opted to emphasize the aspects of renewal in the name of logo lockup, "Assembly." That said, both interpretations tell half the story but they're both telling the right story. In full, the logo speaks to our desire for something better, for change, as well as our commitment to being a huge part of the solution. It speaks to our brand and our company's commitment to making things better -- one shirt, one hoodie, one garment at a time.


Our Hero Color. Why Orange?

The primary Kastlfel logo uses a vibrant orange -- almost the color of a ripe blood orange. The color connotes energy, speed and change. Interestingly enough, several ancient cultures including the Egyptians and Chinese used a healing practice called Chromatherapy: the use of colors to heal illnesses and maladies. The color Orange was used to heal the lungs and to increase energy levels. It is a color most widely associated with energy, excitement and enthusiasm -- all of which are a huge part of our story and our mission. Perfect, huh?

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