A note from Kastlfel about COVID-19

Good Karma is a Good Look for Everyone

Everyone wants to be seen as an individual, complete with your own experiences, beliefs, principles and quirky sense of humor. And that's the beauty of Kastlfel. Our goods are made for everyone, not just the tastemakers on the coast. Kastlfel appeals to many different people in many different ways for just as many different reasons. Which is critical if you're goal is to make a difference (and ours is). To do that, we must appeal to those that others have failed to. True, our goods are made using some of the most advanced and innovative eco-friendly technologies and processes you'll ever see on a shelf -- but we don't preach that at you. In fact, the first thing you should see in every Kastlfel garment is simplicity, durability and quality. Whether it's our fabrics, styling or the cut and finish of Kastlfel goods, we make it easy for everyone to support better clothes made better.
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Rise Up & Lock Down

Our Kastlfel family hopes that all are safe throughout this expanding crisis. We have been monitoring developments with COVID-19 and our thoughts continue to be with the health, safety and overall wellbeing of employees, friends and family, customers and the global community. Our hearts go out to those on the front line and individuals and communities most affected by this pandemic.

We stand with small business owners and entrepreneurs like us that never stop innovating. So today we are making a commitment to shift our business model to focus on fundraising to provide vital funds for those in need and with your help put our Kastlfel family back to work.

Our newly developed Kastlfel website has launched 30 days early and will be dedicated to fundraising efforts.  Our newest collection of printed goods "Rise Up & Lock Down" will donate 50% of all sales to Colorado COVID Relief Fund.

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