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Why Kastlfel Exists

We value end results. As a society. We all do. In part, because it’s easy. In part because lots of things make it hard to see past those end results. The appeal of sexy new brands. The lure of everyday low prices. The rush of the crowd. The stresses of everyday life that make it hard to care. So from the clothes we wear to the burgers we eat to the sneakers we Snapchat about, we don’t think about how all this great stuff actually gets to us. “Who made this? What’s it made out of? What's being destroyed so this product can be made? What am I really supporting by buying this?” These are questions that, for a long time, it was easier not to ask. But that’s changing. In a big way. Millions of people are starting to see the dark side of a good deal. We’re starting to look past the end results. And what we’re seeing is not good. We’re seeing how many of the systems and companies that produce the stuff we love are tragically flawed, viciously unfair or morally bankrupt. Fast food. Healthcare. Manufacturing. Cars. Airlines. The list goes on. The good news is that the time of the blissfully unaware consumer is passing before our very eyes. And no advertising campaign can save it. In every industry, a handful of companies are trying to reinvent them—to change how their products and services are made. Kastlfel is one of these companies. Part of a new generation of American companies committed to being part of the answer, not part of the problem. A generation of companies setting out to fix what our predecessors got wrong and then got too big to fix themselves. This is why Kastlfel exists. Not to make better tee shirts. But to make tee shirts better. By respecting the creativity, renewing the resources and rewarding the people who make them. This is our first responsibility, our sole reason for being and our most urgent promise to you. We would rather make nothing at all than make products that we can not believe in. And we're not alone. If enough companies like Kastlfel can connect with enough people like you—people who want to see past end results and everyday low prices—we can fix what went wrong. We can undo the damage and forge a better way. And the best part? We still get to love all the clothes and sneakers and cheeseburgers we love today. We just get to do it without impoverishing the people who made them or destroying the planet that made them possible. So grab your beret. And go buy something you believe in. We humbly recommend a fashionable-yet-functional tee shirt.




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